Why This Hurry

(it seems our normally very brief winter will be briefer this year)



Gliding through the mist

Winter alighted

On my palm-

It held in its beak

A marigold promise

Of staying long-

Its plumage not as bright-

Eyes listless

feet, in fear-

In a feeble chrysanthemum note

It crooned into my ears

About the lost bees-

Then I don’t know why

It threw all its song into the fire

And left me to a pitiless sun so soon-


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Climate Change @ Poets United


16 thoughts on “Why This Hurry

  1. Oh, dear winter! It is weakened here, too, though the winds are strong. You personify her and put her into action brilliantly. I particularly love “marigold promise” and “chrysanthemum note” and the winter singing to the narrator. “Why this Hurry” is a great title–asked of the winter, it also describes the need for us to act.

  2. Oh Sumana, you have expressed this so well. The vanishing bees, the brief moderate “winter” (we didnt even get winter this year here!), the listless flower’s song falling into the flame……..a powerful write.

  3. Sigh. This is the new norm that we have caused and must adapt to. Until someone figures out, how to get every nation to agree to a new protocol that reverses the damage done to the planet. Sadly, we’re too greedy to realize that we’re killing ourself, by our actions.

  4. I love the winter metaphor:
    ‘Winter alighted
    On my palm-
    It held in its beak
    A marigold promise
    Of staying long’
    and then crooned a song about lost bees. Beautiful and sad, Sumana. Our winter has arrived with frost and ice in this corner of Norfolk.

  5. I’ve read how climate change is dramatically erasing insect populations, upon which entire food chains once depended — this poem is so rich with the pathos of a nature once present now vanishing, and the lonely world which remains for us. Well done.

  6. Temperature got to 46.6C today in Adelaide, South Australia the highest ever recorded, Luckily I live closer to the sea so it was only 43.3C! Yes, global warming is definitely with us.

  7. Vivid images! And the pitiless sun is something we hear of from story books up here. We are in the depths of winter with minus digits as usual. But yes, we signs and feel the shift in seasons here too.

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