“This death-valley is not my land”— Nabarun Bhattacharya


At present

Terrorists are having fun

In my land-

They are on a killing spree-

Fun foregrounds fun

Of a gory kind here-


I’ve buried my laughter

Under sands

Of a salty sea,

Turbulent, in my heart-

Is this land, torn apart

My country?



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Fun @ Poets United


13 thoughts on “Fun

  1. Now tears rise up. Some people’s fun terrorizes others! And how awful when that lives inside us. It is too present, and I fear it is my land, too. I have to share this poem. It does what we say “hits the nail on the head.” Good aim.

  2. This is heart-wrenching, and as well resonates a deep love for your country.
    Wishes for peace and an end to terrorism
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today, Sumana
    much love…

  3. Oh, Sumana. This hurts in a way that is necessary, for those of us physically far away, to feel. The first lines caught me by complete surprise. I was expecting a different kind of fun. The shock makes the poem work at deeper level. It speaks of how distance can make us (and by “us” I mean “me”) a bit silly, a bit detached, a bit blind…

  4. This is so sad, so horrifying to think/accept that some have fun with another’s pain. I feel your connection to your country. This is beautifully written Sumana.

  5. Yes, this is a necessary poem. Impossible to write lightly, when terrorism is going on in Kashmir, the beautiful country. It is hard to hope humanity will ever get it right. We have gone over the edge of wickedness.

  6. Sobering reflections. May peace come to your country, and to all countries. May there be no more of this terroristic “fun.”

  7. It is a pity that the UN who decided that India should look after Kashmir has not come to India’s aid. Many countries in the world accept that different religions are perfectly acceptable in their communities. One day perhaps we will all accept that we can choose different paths in our religious beliefs.

  8. Oh Sumana! Your poem gave me a jolt. It’s a reminder that not everyone is having fun. We can only hope and pray that this terror ends soon. The lines that touched me most are:
    I’ve buried my laughter
    Under sands
    Of a salty sea,
    Turbulent, in my heart’.

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