It isn’t a sunny day today

when you spot

pigeons against a dreamy blue-

and miss the sparrows

or even crows-

when your thoughts escape

like little white sails

in a cloud trail-

but today

you outstretch your hands

to hold the clouds

in raindrops-

cold, wet-

look at those huge fronds

of coconut palms


all those mango flowers

determined not to fall off

swaying with the wind-

and you are thinking

of the war clouds


over your borders-

it isn’t a sunny day today-



Posted for my prompt ~ Cloud @ Poets United Midweek Motif


14 thoughts on “Cloud

  1. A sad poem having to deal with the war clouds is beyond comprehension
    but some beautiful images I love “pigeons against a dreamy blue” and “thoughts escape like little white sails”

  2. I can feel the sadness that flows out from those last lines Sumana! A beautiful and poignant poem and I especially love the line, “thoughts escape like little white sails in a cloud trail”….simply lovely writing!

  3. It is so sad to hear of the rising tensions over Bangladesh. I do hope that open warfare can be avoided. It is very imprtant for poets to write of current affairs so hopefully we can learn lessons for the future.

  4. Today, in too many ways, the sun is drowning in un-sunny. We must be mango flowers, bright and determined and holding on to our tree for dear life… waiting, working, fighting for sunnier days.

    I really love the musicality of this. I found myself repeating lines like this ones: “like little white sails /
    in a cloud trail”.

  5. Oh Sumana, your poem is affecting. I hear the speaker’s preoccupation, and rightly so. For, war clouds storming so near are certainly of huge concern.

    “it isn’t a sunny day today-” but I hope sun behind the clouds will stay put like “mango flowers
    determined not to fall off”

Thank You :)

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