No Flowers For Me




Even a single rose in a vase

Speak dead words-

I am no cenotaph

To be wreathed

With dead words-

Let the blooms

Light up the boughs

Till they fall-

No flowers for me ever-

[Today I chose the gift I don’t like to receive]

Posted for my prompt ~ Gift(s) @ Poets United Midweek Motif


17 thoughts on “No Flowers For Me

  1. Gasp ! I cannot imagine a home without flowers…..adore them… Although these day I opt for flowers in pots rather than freshly cut flowers because they last longer except for the Singapore orchid which has a very long life span.

  2. Sumana, I understand your position, as cut arranged flowers, are a mocking shadow of the beauty, these living beings bring to us. As it seems a waste, to toss these flowers away, days after taking their final grasp at life.

    My dad expressed similar feelings as you do, Sumana, in requesting that no flowers be part of his funeral service. For those, who knew my dad, he loved flowers and grew them, everywhere outside of the house. Instead, we asked that the money spent on flowers, be donated to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, to fund research.

  3. How I agree, as I always preferred walking in the garden or in a park to admire the plants and flowers enjoying life and blooming in season than to see a slayed bunch of flowers dying in front of my eyes.

  4. I agree. Hereon, no flowers for me too… a blooming garden is always more beautiful than the cut flowers in a vase in the living room.
    Pretty poem, Sumana and it leaves a strong message.

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