Plastic Bags


Plastic bags in feisty flight,

In the deeps not so bright,

What witless hand or eye,

Could frame thy immortal symmetry?


What dreams and hopes inspired,

Oblivious of the Nature’s ire,

To drag the world into a charming hell,

Where day and night tolls the knell?


And what mind and what brain,

Could design thee to be omnipresent?

The summit of Everest and polar caps,

Skip their heart beat, pant and gasp.


When marine lives choke and die,

The giant gyre of litter* sighs.

Did he smile his work to see?

Did he who wrote poems make thee?


Plastic bags in feisty flight,

In the deeps not so bright,

What witless hand or eye,

Dare frame thy immortal symmetry?



[I used William Blakes poem The Tyger as my inspiration for today’s prompt]

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Plastic Bags @ Poets United Midweek Motif


*Great Pacific Garbage Patch


9 thoughts on “Plastic Bags

  1. this is vision of the world as a garbage dump…it is no longer restricted to small areas…this should be a wake up call that we are drowning in garbage…bkm

  2. What witless people indeed! I am trying really hard to bring my OWN bags to grocery stores and not to take any bag at all if I buy a small item. We are so thoughtless!

  3. Sumana,
    Imagine the setting of Mount Everest and the Himalayas, choked with the detritus left behind by worlds of climbers.
    The oceans bursting with plastics and chemicals and the creatures dying as a result.
    Seeing a floating carrier bag, is now a bad omen..

  4. Well Man’s wish no doubt was to have immortlity and he certainly has it in the use of plastic bags to pulute the Earth for evermore. I wonder if next time round nature will make mankind wiser or is that too hard a task? Beautifully written Sumana.

Thank You :)

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