On the other side

of this twilight bridge

where I am standing now,

there is a deep, dark and lovely

forest of stars-



on the other side

of this autumn bridge

where I am now standing,

there is vast, white and charming

fabric of rest-



this is a moment for celebration, for



there is a sun birth

and a spring birth

after this bridge journey ends-




Posted for my prompt ~ Bridge @ Poets United Midweek Motif


15 thoughts on “Bridge

  1. Humankind rarely accepts the reality of life having become so enamoured with itself it thinks the world revolves around them. It is a pity more of us don’t look at ourselves and realize we are the most dangerous of animals.

  2. Nature provides a bridge to cross from night to day and between the seasons. I like the ending as it becomes about what is on the other side once the bridge has been crossed.

  3. This is incredibly stunning, Sumana! ❤️ I love; “a deep, dark and lovely forest of stars,” sigh .. there is so much beauty in the world and yet mankind doesn’t have the sense to appreciate it.

  4. Such a beautiful contemplation. And this moment is a gift for us all to marvel at and be grateful for what we see around. Because “after this bridge journey ends” Well written, Sumana!

  5. Always another bridge–to stars, to winter, to spring and all–are they all ours? or does the knowledge that the other bridges exist allow us to dream and then to rest a long rest? I found my self thinking of resurrection while reading this calm and deceptively simple poem.

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