In search of poems today

I stepped onto my tiny stretch

of a land,

a garden? may be,

which is strange and enchanted-

(a poem is very much possible

even on the tip of a leaf here)

here reside strong willed

trees, plants, shrubs-

queer fellows they are-

they chose the site and flourished

without a care for a gardener-

they have weird ways

of asserting themselves-

like this white periwinkle,

that even forced its way

into this poem.



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Gardens @ Poets United


15 thoughts on “Gardens

  1. Sumana,

    There is great determination in the character of each individual leaf and plant. The resolve shows in their ability to thrive in any place, cracks in pavements, chimney stacks!!!
    Rather like poems themselves and how we find words for any subject:)

  2. Even a little strip of land will be a garden if we visit it, letting leaf tips and determined trees stimulate poems. And then that little periwinkle! Mine are bluish, and they grow with no prompting from me. A delightful surprise of a poem. (Thank you for hosting today. I’ll be reading over the weekend.)

Thank You :)

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