A poem to weather uncertain times


Monsoon cloud, haggard, grim,

bereft of rains,

staggers along the sky path-

she is a brutally abused bride,

half burnt and violated-

I wrap my words

with the pallor of her skin-

she looks down,

her sad eyes without kohl

has no more story left-

I breathe a prayer

in ink

to travel far and wide

seeking more prayers…….


Posted for Sanaa’s Midweek Motif ~ Poems to weather uncertain times @ Poets United


13 thoughts on “A poem to weather uncertain times

  1. It looks as though climate change is well on its way in many places on Earth. It was assumed it would soem dayin the future but who would have expected it today! Humans are such a stupid race of animals!

  2. This is incredibly poignant, Sumana! Such depth and emotion in your words especially; “I wrap my words
    with the pallor of her skin- she looks down, her sad eyes without kohl has no more story left.” I wonder whether mankind will ever realize the damage being caused and make amends. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! ❤️

  3. The imagery in your poem is powerful, Sumana. I especially like the phrases ‘I wrap my words with the pallor of her skin’ and ‘I breathe a prayer in ink’.

  4. I could clearly hear your inner voice…perhaps, it expresses the feelings of every Indian facing such moments of uncertainty and doubt.
    Beautifully penned, Sumana.

  5. I too could see ‘her’, and I registered the references to evils which have befallen some brides in that part of the world, expertly woven into the poem. And I too loved the idea of your prayer seeking others.

  6. Wow, wow! This is a skill depiction and personification of weather. This ‘brutally abused bride’ is layered and vivid. We can only hope she still has a story to tell. Beautifully written, Sumana.

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