I find all the ten sun crows

flying about this earth-

there is a fire dance everywhere-

words are aflame burning you and me-

a thousand phoenix taking flight in forests

every day, everywhere-

In every crack of the heart, of the earth,

seeds burn-

water, words, have all dried up-

there is no escape-

last night,

I saw him- dancing on its one leg,

the Shangyang– a rain bird,

no Confucius living now-

will there be a deluge then?


Posted for my prompt ~ Weather @ Poets United Midweek Motif


17 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Probably more than that as we befuddle the Earth with our foolish behaviour and she melts the ice caps as we pollute the rivers and seas. I think we can expect a change in the weather everywhere!

  2. This is incredibly powerful and deep, Sumana! ❤️ Sadly, climate change is no longer a far-fetched notion and is slowly becoming a reality. I like the reference to “ten sun crows.” Very apt. 🙂

  3. I like the mythological feel in this poem, Sumana: the sun crows, the phoenixes, the fire dance and the rain bird. You have evoked heat in the lines:
    ‘In every crack of the heart, of the earth,
    seeds burn-
    water, words, have all dried up-
    there is no escape’.

  4. Your poem excellently reflects the frustration of watching as the earth “dries up”. I am sorry that you’re witnessing such a horrific drought.

  5. Poems that end with questions always intrigue me. They invite me to formulate my own, sometimes disturbing, answers.

  6. Confuscius has come and gone but his wisdom remains as should our imputs to the passing of time, in the gift of poetry of crows and shangyang, and our questions to existing conditions.

    Have a nice Wednesday Sumana


  7. I love the idea of those ten sun crows, and that “there is a fire dance everywhere”. (Especially in these days of drought.) I do hope the rain bird brings you some rain. Here, after a too dry winter and spring, we are having our first welcome rain. The trees are drinking thirstily. I hope it lasts. Your poem is beautiful, as always, my friend.

  8. A wonderful description of the hot, dry weather. I’m always glad to see July go by. It tends to be the hottest month.

  9. This is incredibly beautiful. We cannot escape the situation we have put ourselves in. We have to face it. We have to choose how we will or will not respond to it. We have an opportunity here. What will we choose? Thank you so much for this, Sumana. Deeply touching!

  10. Such a timely post.
    “‘In every crack of the heart, of the earth,
    seeds burn-
    water, words, have all dried up-
    there is no escape’.”…Drought is arguably the biggest single threat from climate change. We need prayers for our thirsty lands.
    Powerful images capture the essence of the poem so well, Sumana.

  11. Weather is about the last of elements giving life to humankind left not under threat but now it is under siege. The danger is it works its ways slowly unnoticed until it is too late and there is no turning back.. Wonderful write Sumana!


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