I miss your visual splendour-

your kohl-eye, telling stories-

your swift pirouettes in the wind-

your enthralling foot-work-

did your ghungroos (anklet) have hundred bells

like the Kathak dancers?

Wasn’t I mesmerized hearing the dance steps

on glossy, green leaves; on metal shades?

the touch of those graceful hands

blossomed Kadam flowers-

your odhni (veil) of cloud

seemed infinite-

where are you my pretty, danseuse?

Have we killed you

like the colonial British trying to smother

the Kathak dance

calling its practitioners ‘nautch girls’; harlots

in contemptuous fun?

In our desert homes

we are missing you sorely-


[Whatever I try to write now it leads to the rain-less days we are living here. So my Kathak dancer is the monsoon here.]



Posted for my prompt ~ Dance @ Poets United Midweek Motif


15 thoughts on “Dance

  1. Yes, the variation ito our climate is a concern all over the world, Even in Australia we were worried that rain might fall this winter but have had some but as always we need more! Let’s hope your Kathak dancer comes soon Sumana.

  2. Beautiful, Sumana! I love the monsoon as a Kathak dancer, especially the ‘kohl-eye’ and the ‘swift pirouettes in the wind’, jingling the anklets. My favourite image if the ‘dance steps on glossy, green leaves’ – divine!

  3. Ghungroos is a fantastic word…has a real Aussie feel to it.
    my roos
    my ghunroos
    my jillaroos
    (not nautch gals)
    my boomerang
    wont come back

    We are waiting for rain too 🙂

  4. Thanks for the metaphor note so now I can say my favourite image is the
    Happy you dropped by my blog to read mine
    ” the dance steps
    on glossy, green leaves; on metal shades?”

    much ❤love

  5. Oh it is a worrisome thing when the monsoon does not come. I love your likening it to a dancer. Very cool. I hope we have not killed her and that she will return. When she comes, she may come in a flood. Also a worry.

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