Bird Watcher


Whenever I tell myself


Let’s look for birds”

they emerge from every corner

of the trees, skies, ponds, lakes-

these miracles of feather-

they are my muse and my songs-

my freedom and my faith-

my storm and my peace-

my virtue and my frailty-

my wisdom and my sky-

my rhythm and my light-

these little miracles of feather

are my soul-

my thirteen ways of life—-


Words in quote are from Pablo Neruda’s Ode To Bird watching

Posted for Magaly’s Midweek Motif ~ Not-so-old-fashioned “Hobbies” Magaly’s Midweek Motif ~ Not-so-old-fashioned “Hobbies” @ Poets United



15 thoughts on “Bird Watcher

  1. Birds do try to join the party whether in the garden or by the sea and see us as useful as we drop our food for them to eat; and we for the most part are happy to see them too.

  2. How lovely to have birds as “muse and my songs-my freedom and my faith-my storm and my peace-
    my virtue and my frailty- my wisdom and my sky,” this is exquisitely drawn, Sumana!! ❤️

  3. There can be none or exceptions of few, who would not have dreamt to fly watching a bird fly high.

    Man created power to fly by his invention,
    Bird remains an inspiration.,

  4. Wonderful showing them appearing when sought after, and the 13 ways–A reference to Wallace Stevens but rather than the imagist imagination, we get life in its complex oppositions! May the birds always be here.

Thank You :)

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