When truth looks on you on-screen

it is devastating-

it numbs your ears, eyes-

your taste buds die-

but come the ornate lie-

you are suddenly

robbed of your senses

and begin to feel, why,

nothing is wrong with the world-

peace is hanging from every tree-

you have a good night’s sleep-

when you wake up

you find the world resting in peace-




Posted for my prompt ~ Televised @ Poets United Midweek Motif


15 thoughts on “Televised

  1. When what we see on the screen does not match what we see when we look outside it is a truth we must contend with to understand. Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and find that peace.

  2. I find myself living in a parallel reality – the beautiful world around me, that I love so much, and the world on the tv screen, so dark and off the rails, like a runaway train. It is hard to reconcile the two. One mourns for all the injustice and , especially, climate change.

  3. If only I could awaken tomorrow morning in a peaceful world. But, my little slice of it is peaceful and I should allow it to be my reality…as often as possible.

  4. We would all be better off by not watching the news on TV or listening to the radio, Why not just enjoy the company of family and friends and delight in their news instead rather than see and hear the woes of others. We would enjoy life a lot more.

  5. Living in a dream world swooned by common sense was unbelievable lives. The price must be paid, even if not fully paid, truth eventually comes out. History tells.
    Thank you for the prompt, it was used I. Several ways, the most I’m seeing is along “fake news” and claims.

  6. We’re numbed because we see so much of it and the screen separates us from the reality of the news; because it’s on television, it has become just another programme in the entertainment schedule for most people, on in the background.

Thank You :)

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