Glory is half ‘this’ and half ‘that’-

‘this’ dwells in the Buddha heart-

empires go on building-

a laurel in war is won-

red poppies cover the earth-

so now is the time

when ‘that’ wears the crown

and “The ceremony of innocence is drowned.”


Words in quote are from “The Second Coming” by W.B. Yeats



Posted for my prompt ~ Glory @ Poets United Midweek Motif


11 thoughts on “Glory

  1. Yikes. Thankful for the steadiness of the Buddha’s heart, for the invitation to dwell in the “this”! The Yeats’ line meets the equal power of your words. For some reason Shakespeare pops into my head: “unleash the dogs of war.”

  2. The this and the that point to our battling duality. Which side will win this war?
    I love your juxtaposition of these words and the way you develope their difference.

  3. We have improved very little since the cavemen days. How well your poem states that with the way glory is presented these days as we glorify ourselves to show how much better we are than others. I can remember an uncle of mine refused the medals he was awarded in WW2 as he didn’t believe what he had to do then was worth praise!

Thank You :)

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