But All Must Be Endured


But all must be endured, since even a poor

soul too is made of fire and ice-

while a part of me gets dismantled in silence

the other half keeps gathering my shards to

       go on living.


My frenzied heart seeks the god mesmerized

by your honeyed words-

I hold my tongue that craves to expand its hood

       at mere sight of you-


your tinkling laughter at sweet nothings

sets my voice to fume;

yet I compel it to devour a sacred silence

      to burst forth in words later-


While you make the god to look into your eyes

a flame in me runs wild

to dip my spirit into a black fluid; to make

      your god my muse-


My poem is a response to Sappho’s apparently incomplete poem : In my eyes he matches the gods




Posted for Sanaa’s Wild Friday @ Poets United


13 thoughts on “But All Must Be Endured

  1. Woww!!! ❤️ This is utterly stunning, Sumana! 😍 I love the intensity with which you describe the emotions here especially; “I hold my tongue that craves to expand its hood at mere sight of you,” a most excellent write! Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt! ❤️

  2. The first two lines, where yours and Sappho’s words dance together, read like poetry heaven. I love what they say about the balance, the need for it, the gifts we can get out of embracing it. We are made of all things, so all things we must (be able) to endure.

  3. This reminds me of a haiku by Eve Luckring: ”sore to the touch his name in my mouth” published in Modern Haiku, Vol 42:3, 2011

    And I know someone like you described above and have been careful of getting too close to his god in case I’m seduced equally. All that sweet talking definitely needs as strong an antidote as you’ve done here. Wish I wrote it myself! 🙂

  4. This is such a strong poem of of resolute determination to make the best of the situation; so the god does not look at you but you can still benefit by writing poetry about him and his behaviour.

  5. Sumana, you can tame the gods, I like your near end lines, ” … dip my spirit into a black fluid; to make your god my muse …” I’m not sure I can wait to see this resulting collection.

  6. Your poem is wonderful, but there is something about the last stanza that grabs my attention..perhaps the ink the words said and unsaid. Powerful writing-bravo!

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