I am often gripped by feral anger-

caught between its teeth-

there is a tragic pile of my feathers

by the side of the sanctuary

called forgiveness-

I have lost the way to it-

when the grip loosens

I am all bruised within-

to one, standing on the lowest rung of the ladder

to forgive is divine-


Posted for my prompt ~ Forgiveness @ Poets United Midweek Motif






How does the ghee taste?

It tastes like the ghee.

The buttery content,

the delicious aroma,

the golden color,

the heavenly touch

is purity itself.

In the world of Indian cuisine

ghee is the ruling monarch-

if I time travel to our ancient times

of over five thousand years-

I would still find rishis and sages

performing fire rituals

with ghee-

mantras, aromatic and fiery

rising above

radiating blessings

to the trees, rocks, rivers, mountains,

to all life forms-



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ The Food We Eat @ Poets United