A nightly garden looks at me

With its owl eye

Asking as it were, are you awake?

Yes, yes, say I

And I won’t crush your darkness

With my light-

You breathe peace and rest

I am no more afraid-

Come, hold my hand

And on this brink of time

Let us stand-



Posted for Susan’s midweek Motif ~ Awakening @ Poets United


11 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Sumana,
    There is a certain kind of escape into the peace of the night, once we have finished with the daytime.
    It is a magnificent time for those with a creative eye. Words and thoughts can find a new life; an awakening inside us…A very meaningful poem:)

  2. Sumana, this verse is perfect from start to finish. I was transported to this beautiful moment of absolute presence, acceptance, appreciation and love. Thank you.

  3. Oh I LOVE that nightly garden “with its owl eye”!!!!!!! Such peace in standing on the brink unafraid. As we all are, these days, many without knowing it. Lovely to read you, my friend.

Thank You :)

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