Year’s End


This year seems to be happy

as it nears its end-

I heard its golden oriole voice-

saw its marigold-dance

in a crazy North wind-

it still retains the carnival spirit-

on stilts

it walked past me the other day

looking at the pale sun feather-

throwing me a misty smile

it whispered of its return

in a new look-

I now treasure its breath

of fresh oranges-



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I am my winter poem

without the alphabet of

snow men or snow whites-

all my letters

are an oxbow lake hallucinating

whistling teal, jacana* and egret words-

a warm winter stifles me –

         yet my phrases freeze-

         for your** sunny words

         have forever ceased-


*jacana is a winter bird of Bengal

**‘your’ refers to one of my favorite Bengali writers Dr. Nabanita Dev Sen who breathed her last this 7 Nov.


Nabanita Dev Sen



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The Moment


School kids running in elementary school hallway, front view



The moment the bell goes

there’s a spurt of joy

gushing up like a geyser

from the school house

that has just opened its cage door

letting out

thousand little birds

feathered in red and white

to take flight-

their chirps and twitters float in the air,

the banyan leaves, the Atrayee* water

hear their freedom song-

while I have captured them again

in my words-



*Atrayee is a river that flows through Balurghat where I stay


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Changed Yet Changeless


I hear the beats of winter feet-

in delight they caper,

chasing one foot with the other-

shivering trees bear

the brunt of her kicking legs;

her fox-trot and cha-cha-

is she aware

forever will not last her crescendo-

I await

the dolce movement of her show

when she lights up into green-

“The poetry of earth is” never ceasing



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