Changed Yet Changeless


I hear the beats of winter feet-

in delight they caper,

chasing one foot with the other-

shivering trees bear

the brunt of her kicking legs;

her fox-trot and cha-cha-

is she aware

forever will not last her crescendo-

I await

the dolce movement of her show

when she lights up into green-

“The poetry of earth is” never ceasing



Posted for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Changes hosted by Susan and Sumana


17 thoughts on “Changed Yet Changeless

  1. The poetry of earth is what keeps me going – her beauty never ceases to amaze me. A beautiful poem, my friend. I am going to read Tagore………..what I have learned of him, through you, intrigues me. I only recently learned he is a more recent poet, somehow I had thought him from the days of Rumi.

  2. Love it from title to poem. How beautiful to consider we are part of the poetry of earth. May we strive to be its blessing.

  3. Sadly mankind treats the Earth as a charity shop and a rubbish dump at the same time; taking and destroying with no thought of the future. The planet is getting rather heated about our behaviour. I do hope we learn a lesson from this. Curiously poets do seem to be aware!

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