The Moment


School kids running in elementary school hallway, front view



The moment the bell goes

there’s a spurt of joy

gushing up like a geyser

from the school house

that has just opened its cage door

letting out

thousand little birds

feathered in red and white

to take flight-

their chirps and twitters float in the air,

the banyan leaves, the Atrayee* water

hear their freedom song-

while I have captured them again

in my words-



*Atrayee is a river that flows through Balurghat where I stay


Posted formy prompt ~ A / The Moment@ Poets United Midweek Motif


14 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. When I was a child, I was one of those little birds. When I grew up, I became one of the bird keepers—a teacher! 🙂

  2. Oh that is a moment of joyous release for sure. I remember how long school days were. I love the idea of them sounding like a flock of twittering birds!

  3. How this took me back to my early days with that mad rush for freedom after being caged most of the day dreaming of playing outside with my friends. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. The children’s release by the bell is palpable, Sumana, especial in the ‘spurt of joy gushing up like a geyser’ and those ‘little birds feathered in red and white’. I’m delighted you captured them again in your words! Happy days.

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