I am my winter poem

without the alphabet of

snow men or snow whites-

all my letters

are an oxbow lake hallucinating

whistling teal, jacana* and egret words-

a warm winter stifles me –

         yet my phrases freeze-

         for your** sunny words

         have forever ceased-


*jacana is a winter bird of Bengal

**‘your’ refers to one of my favorite Bengali writers Dr. Nabanita Dev Sen who breathed her last this 7 Nov.


Nabanita Dev Sen



Posted for Pantry of Poetry and Prose @ Poets United


20 thoughts on “Winter

  1. A beautiful, heart-squeezing salute to a writer that warmed the world with her words. I know some might say that her words will be forever. But like your poem implies, something happens even to the sunniest of words when their creator stops breathing the same air we breathe.

  2. I have found an English translation of I, Anupam ! So I can check out this author (approximately, anyway), whose death turns your words into hallucinations of ice and melt. Such a beautiful poem! I found a book of poetry as well: 25 poems about choice.

  3. A lovely tribute, the chill of her absence is felt in your words
    Happy Sunday. Thank you for dropping by my blog today


  4. This is such a beautifully eloquent write, Sumana! ❤️ I too love the phrase; “without the alphabet of / snow men or snow whites.”

  5. To say goodbye to any voice that nurtures us is difficult. At least writers leave a trail behind for us to always gather strength.

Thank You :)

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