Kindness is a green word


Kindness is a green word

of strong roots, serene branches

and massive shades

for your weary soul-

to grow for you a Maldhari* heart

to befriend lions of Gir-

you walk away restored,

pure and buoyant-

even if love becomes an obsolete word

and all mouths talk in tongues of blood-



*The Maldhari community is a tribe of herdsmen in the border state of  Gujarat, India living in harmony with the wild Asiatic lions of the Gir forest. They have been instrumental in increasing the number of this big cat, almost wiped out in the 19th Century.

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9 thoughts on “Kindness is a green word

  1. What a clean and fresh addition to the earth’s weal — Kindness IS green and the demonstration here is that a thing loved is a world restored. No matter how damaged the words might be … Thanks so for contributing it to earthweal.

  2. How wonderful that the Gir people live in trust with the lions. Animals are extremely good at cooperating and respecting and helping other species. We could learn a lot from them. I love “Kindness is a green word”. It makes me think, sadly, that blood is a red one and too much of it is being spilled everywhere.

Thank You :)

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