In a far away land fire rages-

we are not safe here too-

the Hollow Men at the helm

are sucking our life out-

they rage with

their ‘Headpiece filled with straw’*-

we in turn are slowly becoming

flint, ember

and waiting in silence-



*The quote is from T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men



Posted for Weekly Challenge : FIRE @ earthweal


9 thoughts on “Fire

  1. The present crisis is very much a very old quandary, hearkening back to the first ‘flint and ember.” And it sure doesn’t help at all to have oil men dancing around the fire… Thanks! — Brendan

  2. We wait, helplessly, for “leaders” to lead but they are in a narcissistic dance of their own. I think we have o boot them all out and send in some grandmothers to apply some common sense to this world of warring blustering men and corporate destroyers.

Thank You :)

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