A Mother’s Lament


I thought I was

your rural landscape, your sanctuary-

to my dried up branches,

you’ve tied glassy words

with an evil of their own-

the world hears

sweet tinkling and jingling

of their sound-

yet deep inside

their torque twists my sinews-

my failed leaves sigh-

I am so burnt up-

can I be your home again-

like this burnt up earth

I am forever athirst





Posted for Fireblossom’s picture prompt @ Sunday Muse #91


Also shared with earthweal open link weekend #3


14 thoughts on “A Mother’s Lament

  1. I love this, both as a response at Sunday Muse but also a good fit at earthweal — humanity shrieks for comfort and safety when Mother has always been our green sanctuary, whispering comfort in its canopy. A human mother would so understand this, watching her children wander about looking for home. — Brendan

  2. This is so well-balanced, and its words fall so naturally, that it seems almost like an overheard conversation with someone who listens from the other side of the veil. I especially like the first ten lines, which are magically evocative.

  3. “deep inside
    their torque twists my sinews-
    my failed leaves sigh-”

    An incredible image of bottling the growth and the emotions of the trees here to hold the planet in its orb. I cry with it, and want to undo all the harm.

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