A Crude Someone


A crude someone is anchored

to his wasteland

where root his speaking-trees

leafless and haggard-

he let his mind to be

an intolerant, blazing sky-

and his love to be a gravel ground

to burn your feet-

his day-blind eyes cannot see

the door opening out

where grace and gentleness lie-



Posted for Sunday Muse #92 hosted by Carrie


9 thoughts on “A Crude Someone

  1. You have captured the loss and despair of that desert perfectly Sumana. It does seem that the greed of people with too much power anchor into the world we know and destroy all that is good. A powerful and beautiful poem!

  2. I can think of someone anchored in his wasteland of deception. The following is a powerful image, I would say his roots are rotting in his own waste. Can we get a witness? Nay, their tongues have been bitten by the desert snake. (sigh) but, there still remains a doorway of hope.

    where root his speaking-trees
    leafless and haggard-

  3. Yes, someone springs to mind when I read this. Sometimes the roots of resistance need to lie low below the surface and wait. I long for humankind to go through that doorway to gentleness and grace.

  4. That crude someone deserves his wasteland. If only he wouldn’t hoist it on the rest of us! (I’m supposed to see God in everyone, to have compassion for them. But it’s so hard.)

  5. Seems we all identify the “crude person anchored in his own wasteland”, sad to say. I love the term “his speaking trees, leafless and haggard”. Your word pictures are spot on.

Thank You :)

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