Bidding Adieu to Shushuks



Standing in the loin deep water

Of the sacred Ganga*

I’ll take a holy dip-


Not in the name of my ancestors-


Not for remission of my sins-

But to say

My prayers


The gentle Shushuks**

Who are feebly

Leaving your miracle waters

To become

A still word,

A mere photo-

In print-


*The Ganges


[**Shushuks are the Gangetic River Dolphins, an obligatory freshwater species, born blind and are facing yet another anthropogenic threat.]



Posted for Sherry’s prompt ~ The Animals of Climate Change @ earthweal


8 thoughts on “Bidding Adieu to Shushuks

  1. I didnt know the Ganga had dolphins. Born blind, how amazing. Their smiles are the sweetest. All creatures are struggling to survive now, humans among them. I am so glad you wrote this poem and introduced me to this sweet creature, Sumana.

  2. “a still word” “a mere photograph’ wow. These seem less than a fossil! There are no bones. Words then will lose their meaning in the 6th extinction. I am sorry for that, but sorrier still for the animals. Thank you for this pointed poem.

  3. A delicate elegy for these blind cousins of the water. whose extinction is a still photograph pulled from a developing bath. Local, focused, and intent on seeing beyond personal redemption in water to those for whom water is the only element. – Brendan

  4. I learned something here as I didn’t know there were fresh water dolphins. I hope they find a way to survive such a beautiful creature. I love it when I am on the coast and see them swimming in the ocean. Once, one came within 5 feet of where I was swimming. It was truly amazing.

Thank You :)

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