11 thoughts on “Spring

  1. A perfect pairing of words with image, Sumana. We can’t tell if heaven and earth are vacated or stilled for the moment; in the foreground, a patch of tulips, awakened for a spring day: behind, time-heavy mountains (which greys to “grief.”) Much to say of the human moment, wedged between all those sad infinities, as well as surprise of life itself. Well done. — Brendan

  2. This echoes for me the feelings in my own offering–down to the silent hills. Sometimes its hard to weigh which is the more powerful, the tulip dreams, or the silent watcher that remains always in the background. A very complete and evocative piece, all the more effective for its brevity.

  3. “My tulip dreams spread” and “Grief is the shadowy hill” – so beautiful, so poignant. We carry love and grief, beauty and darkness, at the same time.

Thank You :)

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