Love Was Our Home Once


Neither you nor I can escape

this nightmare of sinking love-

haven’t our moon words turned

charcoal-gray long ago?

we had grown crevices in them

with faithful self-love without the least

thought of the solace of light-

dreams that once were, are now

headstones of hills-

we are no more homesick-

it’s time to

rest in peace-



Posted for Carrie’s picture prompt @ Sunday Muse #94


9 thoughts on “Love Was Our Home Once

  1. Oh, this is…heartbreaking. Every image weathers the love a little further–you give a delicate and vivid sense of time in this poem.

  2. Landscape as grave yard hits me over the head! “sinking love” There is no escape. Ah! I’m trying to remember that these are messages and not dirges. That we are still capable of touching.

  3. I am stopped by your title, as I contemplate how far we have strayed. Sigh. Dreams now headstones………powerful writing, Sumana.

  4. I liked reading this, Sumana. It has a pace that moves along until I finished reading. Then I came back to these lines which for me unlocked the rest:
    “I wanted to tell you
    how I dropped down into
    a seabed of consciousness
    that I knew wasn’t mine”
    We had a dream that had our love ready made. And when that dream was over our love ended then too. We lived with that love and now we die with it, mutually. May the dream and us RIP together.

Thank You :)

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