I am shut up

in a room of fear-

I sit with a muted howl-

should I choose

a deadly cyclone

to be the soul

of my words-

or should I be the silent witness

and watch

how this fake human world

glass-breaks on its own-



Posted for earthweal weekly challenge : PROTEST IN A TIME OF PANDEMIC hosted by Sherry


12 thoughts on “Protest

  1. Hope you are doing fine, Sumana with the covid and ampham double whammy in Kolkata. Good to read a poem by you after a long time. Always lovely. Take care.

  2. I think many of us have become silent witnesses. When there is so much wrong, our protest feels puny. But I am glad you found some words and thank you very much for linking at earthweal.I have missed reading you. I am so pleased to hear voices from all around the world. Wow. There is something very cool going on there. Stay safe in your rooms, my friend. These are the most troubling of times, and the leaders we have are lacking in vision and compassion. But I LOVE what the woman prime minister is doing in New Zealand – she is showing them how it can be done.

  3. Powerfully worded, Sumana! Indeed,a room of fear. I think many can empathize. When oh when will it end with all of the crazy people…….

  4. Let the cyclone of words out, please. I’ve missed the depths of your poetry while you sat in that angry room. A part of you will always witness, as the glass always breaks. This is one amazing protest poem.

  5. Yes it so weird how the old human world is destroying itself. Who needs a revolution when the controllers are destroying their world themselves. Moving to a more authentic world in touch with nature is the way to a positive future I think.

  6. I hope you are well and staying safe in your ‘room of fear’, Sumana. We shouldn’t be silent witnesses, not anymore, we need to howl in a deadly cyclone, let them know we won’t put up with it all, we don’t care if the glass breaks.

Thank You :)

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