My Foxtrot Words

My foxtrot-words

in a fitful frenzy leaped

into a frosty dizziness-

they would have been there

sans hues of life forever

had they not fallen

on the lap

of daffodil memories-

I feel them there gestating-

here I am marking time

for their ‘fractal flight’ home**-

** art print of Maria Popova

Posted for Sunday Muse #151 hosted by Carrie


12 thoughts on “My Foxtrot Words

  1. I’m here loving your introductory “f’s”, Summana. And those ‘daffodil memories’ may save our sanity.
    Thank you for being here, it’s been a long time since we have read your words here. Thank you too for peeking in on me.

  2. Sumana! My heart leapt as high as the fox when I saw you had penned a poem – and such a wonderful one…………….the foxtrot words and daffodil memories make me smile.

  3. A leap of thought, an exquisite poem. So happy to see you posting , havent seen you in a long while. Stay safe Sumana


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