A Cat and A Human

The cat sits like a prayer-

is the human a poet, I wonder;

could he then see the spirit of grimalkin

in its eyes; will he allow him in;

the motley cat in pewter and white

does not look slovenly; is the human

seeing through its homelessness-

what if he’s a non-cat person;

will he still allow him in;

whatever happens this human

has prayer granting eyes-

Posted for Sunday Muse #196 hosted by Carrie


15 thoughts on “A Cat and A Human

  1. He will be a cat person. A person with such beautiful laugh crinkles at the corner of his eyes is sure to be gentle and kind.

  2. I this the cat did a perfectly correct reading of that human heart.
    Happy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by my blog today.

    Much love…

Thank You :)

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