Safety is the softest down in care of a mother dove- safety is in the blessed dawn when noir night departs- safety expands in a warm heart where love is alive- safety rests in the morgue when we delight in lie-     Posted for Susan’ Midweek Motif ~ Safety @ Poets United


  I was always fascinated by the beautiful kanthas (soft, cotton made embroidered quilts). Even today mas and didas (mothers & grandmothers) of Bengal keep old, cotton saris and cloth to layer them with kantha stitching (very tiny and subtle ‘run’ stitches) for the new arrivals in homes. These mas and didas would remind you … Continue reading Stitches


  On the other side of this twilight bridge where I am standing now, there is a deep, dark and lovely forest of stars-     on the other side of this autumn bridge where I am now standing, there is vast, white and charming fabric of rest-     this is a moment for … Continue reading Bridge


  Now I know why mountains draw me in more than the ocean. May be for that reason I rush to the Himalayas whenever I get a chance. An absolute stillness overwhelms the constantly chirping mind. I am at peace. The majestic tranquility tells me there’s nothing to fear. Why don’t the sea waters tell … Continue reading Fear


    When I think of you the tall, dark and handsome fellow With the halo of a smile I love to sin openly and stealthily in infinite ways mon amour thou dark chocolate- I don’t mind getting lost with you forever in des(s)ert my sweetheart- come, swallow me up, consume-         … Continue reading Temptation