In between glum sky And dewy eyed, listless Earth My tulip dreams spread- Grief is the shadowy hill The sole silent onlooker-       [This poem is from a 2016 list] Posted for earthweal open link weekend #6


  This poem is inspired by W.H. Davies’ poem LEISURE     I was heading towards soul destruction in a mad rush, heaven knows for what reason while every grass was green the sky blue, rivers and stream meandering in a lively dance. All on a sudden I had to stop for a little squirrel … Continue reading Stop


  When you feel that unpleasant emptiness In your stomach Take a food item Need not be your favorite one Watch it closely Aren’t you amazed? Don’t you feel the pull Towards Its physique Color Aroma And ultimately Towards its taste? They do melt on the tongue Oozing happiness The taste buds, teeth, cells Are … Continue reading Food


This year begins with the ceremony of darkness- I can’t sleep. I come out only to find you rising- am I able to touch the end of the world then is it that close- for I see your eyes leaning on us- a volcano erupts in your eye- in one eye- turning the sky red … Continue reading Life


  I am my winter poem without the alphabet of snow men or snow whites- all my letters are an oxbow lake hallucinating whistling teal, jacana* and egret words- a warm winter stifles me –          yet my phrases freeze-          for your** sunny words         … Continue reading Winter