We have a common

kitchen wall

with my neighbor

in this apartment house.


“I am supposed to keep it

as it is”.

No change, ever should take place,

thinks she,

my next door neighbor.

But when a change is needed,

it is needed.

Patience must be there

on both sides of the wall.

No amount of sugar coat

or fuming

will the old wall endure.

It simply needs a redo;

new backsplashes, cabinetry and

a brand new countertop

to breathe.

Shall I let it die now?



Posted for Sumana’s Midweek Motif ~ Change @ Poets United



The Door

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A movable book-case

served as a door

to the Secret Annex

where hid two families

The Frank and the Van Pels,

for sometimes in the 1940’s.

It was like a womb

gestating history

to be born

long after they were gone.

Love of words 

sustained an angel.

Teenager she was.

Those words were a dove

that found a sky

on the pages of her diary.


I know how

Its wings were chopped off.


Woe unto the womb

that birthed and birth humans

with choppers

as hands.


Yet the dove

is still alive,

throbbing with life,

ever opening a door

into that amazing life

and a toxic time.





Posted for my Midweek Motif ~ The Door @ Poets United



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Courtesy: Poets United



As I open the front windows of Time

where I’ve been dwelling since birth,

I see, Winter, with his white Kashmiri shawl

over his shoulder,

slowly trudging out of sight;

while the spring bird,

diligently weaving happiness

into my heart

with his twittering tune.

Amidst this

I churn out a prayer

of well being

and release it through the window

to find hearts lying in wait

to dwell there forever.

I’ve also kept my

back windows wide open

where resides the past

with memories

both sweet and bitter

to keep me in reign.



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Vision @ Poets United


New Beginnings


We aren’t letting anyone

among us

be another Aylan;

floral glade is our mission


I let my life

melt into colors, poems and songs.

It’s a new year’s resolution.


A nestful of promise,

needs warmth,

to shower a skyful of peace.


I gaze Agape

at the artwork in motion

with the Artist

in the guise of exhibition


In the autumn forest,

I’m a hidden dream.

I will manifest,

Come spring.


I see the Ark

coming down from a heart

to follow the ancient path

towards Life.


When beauty gushes forth

From the fountain within

I cry out Lo and Behold!


I have lifted my anchor

with a crescent-faith reflecting you

to begin my sail

towards Thou.

Posted for dVerse Poetics ~ New Beginnings hosted by Mish. We are to choose a piece of artwork among eight done by wonderful artists. According to her, “You may be moved by more than one.”. Ha, I used all the eight irresistible pieces of Beauty in  my poem.