Your words are the buzz-song

of a bee-

dripping sweetness unto

my tattered soul-

I have morphed into

a thousand honeycomb

holding your nectar-

this world isn’t all honey-

when it stings I sing your forever song

to be lifted up, to fly

with my newly grown wings-


Posted for my prompt Honey / Bee @ Poets United Midweek Motif




The Ganga begins her journey here at Devprayag


We never remained vigilant

So we let thunderous waves

of foreign invasions-

crush us-

we were looted-

got ourselves


now look at the confluence

of Bhagirathi and Alakananda

where the beautiful Ganga comes alive-

we are still not vigilant-

so we let the turquoise Ganga weep

till She is noir

before She pours Herself into the sea-




Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Vigilance @ Poets United

But All Must Be Endured


But all must be endured, since even a poor

soul too is made of fire and ice-

while a part of me gets dismantled in silence

the other half keeps gathering my shards to

       go on living.


My frenzied heart seeks the god mesmerized

by your honeyed words-

I hold my tongue that craves to expand its hood

       at mere sight of you-


your tinkling laughter at sweet nothings

sets my voice to fume;

yet I compel it to devour a sacred silence

      to burst forth in words later-


While you make the god to look into your eyes

a flame in me runs wild

to dip my spirit into a black fluid; to make

      your god my muse-


My poem is a response to Sappho’s apparently incomplete poem : In my eyes he matches the gods




Posted for Sanaa’s Wild Friday @ Poets United

Looking at Stars


The radiant question mark of seven stars

leaning on me

has breath and voice of my father-

“Look, there’s the Saptarshi Mandal,

asking you if you knew the Sapta Rishis?”

said he one night-

“Of course, I know, they are the seven sages

blessing us-

their smile is the light”-

my father let me be happy

with whatever fairy-tale knowledge I had

of Great Bear Constellation-

since that day

I grew a bond with this star-cluster

that held me, my father and the Indian myth together-



Posted for my prompt ~ Looking at Stars @ Poets United Midweek Motif