“This death-valley is not my land”— Nabarun Bhattacharya


At present

Terrorists are having fun

In my land-

They are on a killing spree-

Fun foregrounds fun

Of a gory kind here-


I’ve buried my laughter

Under sands

Of a salty sea,

Turbulent, in my heart-

Is this land, torn apart

My country?



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Thirty third spring

Sprouted in our heart this dawn

By a cuckoo’s song


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Zero Tolerance

Syrian Kurds Battle IS To Retain Control Of Kobani

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I have zero tolerance

for the worshipers of violence

that unleash Lucifer

to other lands

in the name of army

to sniff oil in others’ soil,

to make their ‘streets melancholy’

their ‘minarets mourn’,

to kill and get killed-

while their angels at home

are on a shooting spree-

how playfully they kill-

I tell the wrathful deities,

of the trigger happy nations:

stop writing horror stories-

live and let others live-

but they have no ear, no eye, no heart

save a big, illiterate mouth that runs deep

to the abyss dark

to churn out words of liquid fire-

we have seen so many

bellicose civilizations seethe and fizz

like pathetic bubbles before-

these scourges will pass too-

Words within inverted commas are from Nizar Qabbani’s poem Jerusalem


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