My Words Of Silence


My words of silence

are in monochrome-

they forever sit

on their haunches

in this dark space

of grief-

I watch them closely-

I let them be-

it is possible,

one day they will rise

from this noiselessness

to be a blue-throated-barbet


Posted for my prompt Word @ Poets United Midweek Motif


19 thoughts on “My Words Of Silence

  1. Beautiful, Sumana!

    I am in a discussion group which only yesterday was considering the power of both words and silence.


  2. I feel the silence of words locked in grief. Love the image of them one day rising like a bird. I actually witnessed that once when a First Nations woman spread her arms like wings and circled, keening a song of sorrow that lifted to the ceiling straight from her soul. It stopped my breath.

  3. Mournful yet hopeful. The possibility of silent words rising to be a blue-throated barbet one day is most comforting. Wonderful write, Sumana.

Thank You :)

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