Rock Balance


I am amazed at poets

Rock balancing their mind

In free style, that is

Measuring each thought well

And putting them perfectly

In classic* and counter balance**-

But look at my disobedient words-

How they frolic, wink

And go topsy-turvy

Leaving me grieving

In the space between

Sunrise and sunset

till my mind droops

and fingers pant-

till I’m all over colored

with sleep


*Classic balance is when each rock is balanced inline

**Counterbalance is when lower rocks depend on the weight of the upper rock to maintain balance


Posted for Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


22 thoughts on “Rock Balance

  1. How apt is the photo you chose your piece of writing. I see nothing wrong in pushing barriers and wading in uncharted waters when writing. It would be pretty dull if we all stuck to rules and norms for I am happy to push barriers over!

  2. This is beautiful, Sumana. Glad to see you in the Pantry today. I like the idea of poets being able to rock balance their mind. Ha, sometimes I wish it were the case for me. Sigh. I often feel my words disobey as well.

  3. Is it terrible that I love, love, love the idea of “disobedient words” in poetry? I love to think of them smirking at both writer and reader, whispering, Bet you weren’t expecting that, sunny.

  4. I overslept this morning, and there has been no balance in my day. But here you are holding chaos and form in perfect balance, so that I am reminded that we rarely know what’s inside. Maybe poets find what they need to keep the grieving in check,or–like me–relish the time if topsy-turvey-ness because we have to spend too much time behaving?

  5. What is organized chaos, but finding order and balance, from the void of life. There is no right or wrong way, as each person is unique in their own way. What works for you, Sumana, may not do so, for myself.

  6. Balancing is a delicate task, whether it’s stones or words. I’m afraid that I often fail, but I keep trying—and, of course, you do too!

  7. I often think the key to life is balance. I struggle with that concept at times. There is an art to creating rock totems. You have to search for the right ones that will work in harmony with the others. I often create these when I go to the beach or the mountains.

    I think your poem “rocks”

  8. wonderful analogy! it’s amazing how these rocks are balanced. and how poets are able to find the right words to lift their works to a higher level. 🙂

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