I walk in the footsteps of Nature.

I am a She and believe She too is a She.

Her rivers run through my veins

so my feet tap unwittingly

to the rhythm of rain;

to the songs of rainbow;

I have embraced the Flame of Life.

In the thunderstorm days

I had learnt forbearance from Her.

I have seen how She is robbed of Her treasure;

She is abused, pummeled and battered

in the hands of greedy marauders

yet she breathes Her blessings into the sky

in the words of star-full nights

sunsets, sunrise.

Taking cue from Her

I’ve come to terms

with the child snatcher Death

and turned my sighs into words.




Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Gender @ Poets United



13 thoughts on “She

  1. wonder, if cis-men had to experience everything that women have to, the world would be, a safer and equitable world, to live in.

  2. Wow! You walk with the Gods!
    “Her rivers run through my veins
    so my feet tap unwittingly
    to the rhythm of rain;
    to the songs of rainbow;”
    Mine, too, though I cannot state it more beautifully than you have done. I want to give this poem to my friends.

  3. I think men are so violent, brash and cruel is because they contribute so little in the continuance of life but seize control by their physical strength and cunning to master over everything to compensate for this. (Except a few that is who are nameless!)

  4. Beautiful….. every word touches a nerve and the reader responds..!! This reminds me of Goddess as Prakriti—the inherent rhythms within this world that impel nature to gratify and provide itself in its manifold species. The concluding lines are written with such delicate emotions. Loved it, Sumana! xoxo

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