Micropoetry #17 (Tanka)



a treepie alights

on the wooden window sill

for biscuit crumbs

I hide behind the blue door

to pick words from morning bowl





to step in or not

a shy, hesitant winter’s

clumsy feet quiver

shiulis* are yet to arrive

for the leased out date palm trees



*Shilulis are people collecting sap of date palm trees to make date palm jaggery, a delicacy of West Bengal.



Posted for Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017 #17 hosted by Thotpurge


7 thoughts on “Micropoetry #17 (Tanka)

  1. Love the words in morning’s bowl.. the second though is a classic! Winter’s clumsy feet and the shiulis with their surefooted climb up the palm trees! And the taste of nolen gur ice cream… !!! Thanks for sharing Sumana.

  2. A gentle moment there with the treepie. You were both in your own morning mediation.
    Her in the blessing of charity left, yours in the charity of words.

  3. Very nice juxtaposition in first tanka, and beautiful rendering of seasons/nature in second, in fact very warm rendering. So well-crafted.

Thank You :)

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