Safety Pin


I see plenty of saviors

who are always the clasps

to form the loops

to fasten

sharp-pin-poison words

whenever applied to any heart

to protect—

just as Walter Hunt* did

with a safety pin

for the first time…




*American mechanic Walter Hunt is regarded as the inventor of the safety pins.


 Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Invention @ Poets United


13 thoughts on “Safety Pin

  1. Safety pins remind me of nappies (diapers) on babies which of course are no longer used for such a purpose. And now I will have a restless night tonight dreaming of babies waking wanting to be cuddled and snuggling with mother and me ousted from bed to sleep in the Lounge as she feeds baby who then snuggles down to sleep beside her having won that night! It is so great being a Grandpa!

  2. I like this! Such a double-edged attachment! So tight that fabric can hold and easily be removed, but not so easy to heal evil words. Recently, in the USA, a group attempted to make wearing a safety pin a sign of safety–that this “privileged” person was an ally against racism. I don’t think it caught on.

    I looked up Walter Hunt in Wikipedia. He invented the safety pin, the first workable sewing machine–but also a prototype fr a repeating rifle. Ha.

  3. We don’t see many safety pins these days. I remember them so well from childhood – my mum would either have one in her mouth, ready to fasten a nappy, or she’d be calling out for someone to find her one.
    I like the description of the mechanism in ‘ the clasps / to form the loops / to fasten’ and the idea of ‘sharp-pin-poison words’.

  4. The important people of worth who achieved beneficial inventions are unknown and all the airhead celebrities are household names. Typical.

    Poisonous words… poison produced, from poisoned minds who are doomed to live with their poisonous selves….a fate to be avoided at all costs.

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