Fall Of The House Sparrows



‘Do not go gentle into that good night’,

Nest in our core to let your chicks grow;

We’ll shield till they are ready for flight.



Though ticking clock bullies ‘dark is right’,

Because mindless deeds brought dicey tomorrow.

‘Do not go gentle into that good night’.



Once, you were all over, like the sky, bright,

Voices now rise for the hapless sparrow,

We’ll shield till they are ready for flight.



Feral men are everywhere in sight,

So this planet convulses in its death throes,

‘Do not go gentle into that good night’.



Our children vow it’s not ‘dying of the light’,

They are out for you and yours my little sparrow,

We’ll shield till they are ready for flight.



Little brown bird, why this Spring is so quiet

Why do corrupt souls continue the row

‘Do not go gentle into that good night’

We’ll shield till they are ready for flight



Quoted words are from Dylan Thomas’ poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Biodiversity @ Poets United


14 thoughts on “Fall Of The House Sparrows

  1. Yes, I keep bemoaning the loss of the sparrow from the city centre… more recently we’ve seen some groups in the international airport area… so maybe they are somewhere- waiting!

  2. Oh no, not the sparrow. Here she is still plentiful, thankfully. You have nailed it with the term “feral men”. Yes, they are everywhere, and frightening, because they have no souls or hearts. Let us not go gentle. Let us holler loudly in the streets and protect the sparrow and the wolf and polar bear, and all suffering beings, so many millions of them climate refugees.

  3. “feral men are everywhere in sight”…a sad truth indeed Sumana! Powerful and beautifully written poem. I love the repetition of the Dylan lines as well. It adds a strength to the message.

  4. What a beautiful and relevant poem this is. Even in the suburbs of the city where I live there a fewer and fewer birds and other wildlife making their homes for there is less room for them. One house I used to live in has been demolished and replaced by two houses with virtually no garden space at all.

  5. Birds are so important for our world and personal happiness. Where I live in Sydney the native birds are disappearing so the council is giving away free, certain trees and plants to grow in gardens to keep these birds alive as one of the wrens is on the verge of extinction.

  6. “mindless deeds brought dicey tomorrow” yes. And now, if only we could “shield until they’re ready for flight” both little birds and the children who might right our wrongs. Deep use of Thomas’ poem to call out injustice. I love this.

  7. What would a world be like for poets, when there’s no birdsong to be heard! Bur there’s still hope as house sparrows though endangered, are protected here. A beautiful poem, Sumana!

  8. A burning topic for the bird lovers here, Sumana. We all are eager to know what happened exactly!!!! And I can feel your anguish…Beautifully penned.

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