Thirteen ways Of Looking At Silence (Micropoetry #8)


Silence is my mother

willingly bolting words indoor

lest they should

tumble and break bones


I dug my heart

to weed out noxious words

and make a bed

to bloom silence


Her silent existence

in the pages

of her diary

numbs my soul


Silence once pulled me out

of the grating abyss

of these mundane days

in Dooars


Breathless silence hung in the air

as thousands watched

how the ball came down and popped

out of the hands of the bowler


Scarlet minivet

Is the only word

The leafless silent tree

Could speak


‘All your words shine’,

I tell the floating,

silent moon

hovering over my roof


They parted

in thankful silence-

both not unhappy

for the end


My yawning feet

took me home

for a good two months

rest in silence


In storm and rain

a jungle babbler often

sits in silence

under a shiny frond


Silence is an empty nest

where chicks have flown

to a distant palm

beside a pond


I wish to plant

a bomb of silence

into the mouth

of the post truth leaders


Silence is my father

who has left

an empty rocking chair

to be forever still

Posted for my prompt ~ Silence for Poets United Midweek Motif




Also sharing with Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017#8 hosted by Thotpurge



26 thoughts on “Thirteen ways Of Looking At Silence (Micropoetry #8)

  1. I love this Sumana. I considered doing a list of poems like this.
    I could not get short form to work for me.

    Bolting the words so they dont break bones – fun. First something a mother would do,
    try to protect us. But a fresh play on the “sticks and Stones” rhyme.

    Digging out the noxious words to get to the fresh soil of self, love.

    Ha. I thought the ball dropping was the new year, and then it was a bowling ball,
    and sometimes new years thud like bowling balls.

    The bomb of silence one though is my fav – and we share similar sentiments.

  2. Whew! So many silences! How they Mother and Father you actually silences me. And, of all the stark instances you give, this is my favorite. It would be a radical act, indeed:
    “I wish to plant
    a bomb of silence
    into the mouth
    of the post truth leaders”

  3. Sumana,
    Magnificent experiences when silence was the common factor of the situations happening..even a cricket match!
    Loved each example..especially the last one..the empty rocking chair..
    A wonderful poetic journey:)

  4. This is so moving and perhaps we should all write such a poem to tell of ourselves and our family. There are so many little things that swell with importance and bind us to the past and only we hold in our hearts. This really was a most beuatiful poem Sumana.

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful and often profound thoughts Sumana
    3 made me immediately sad and 13 wistful of thoughts of my father.
    Anna :o]

  6. I read your words, and I think it is the beginning of a book…Silence…each one more lovely and touching than the last! “A Vow of Silence”….. is the title of the book. Seems like a good project!

Thank You :)

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