It’s being a star

wrapped under daylight,

or being a taro leaf

letting go all water droplets

of worldliness gracefully,

or maybe it’s a voice

against the tyrant who,

“…when cried the little children died in the street*”

*Epitaph on a Tyrant by W.H. Auden




Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Human @ Poets United


15 thoughts on “Human

  1. I see your maybe’s as prayers of possibility. If we have creation in common with the Creator, we must make our full selves–in relationship with stars and ceremonies–come alive. Let me be a voice composed of star and a taro leaf wrap, tasteful, graceful!

  2. That voice against the tyrant is our humanity for sure……and is so needed now. Wonderfully written, Sumana. I am grappling with this topic and am still not sure what words to put to it.

  3. The US failed to be a civilised country when the children were separated from their parents for they were last that should have been punished. The US showed it shame and weakness when they rescinded the command not contrition and a plea for forgiveness.

  4. I really like the idea that it is a voice against a tyrant….when children cry. We need to have more voices, to form a choir of resistance to such evil.

Thank You :)

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