All walks are not the same-

when you are crossing a border

your feet become your heart

pounding your thoughts-

All walks are not the same-

when you stand dazed

in front of the Buland Darwaza

having lost track of all the words-

close your eyes, you’ll time travel

what use is there of your feet?

All walks are not the same-

when you walk to the Dashashwamedh ghat

your heart becomes the Ganga

flowing for centuries-

you take a boat, ride and see them,

lying in a row at Manikarnika

you watch, how they have crossed the bar

flinging away this body-



Posted for my prompt ~ Walk @ Poets United Midweek Motif


19 thoughts on “Walk

  1. Many peoples are attached to the rivers or the mountains, the forests or seas as it is their life from years back. Nowadays so many of us are more attached to superficial things not realizing how much we are losing or have already lost.

  2. These gateways where “when you are crossing a border
    your feet become your heart
    pounding your thoughts-” are all different, but your poem makes me feel the blood beat in my eardrums at each one. It makes me pause and consider how I travel–often despite my feet– while still present on earth. Beautiful.

  3. This is incredibly deep and profound, Sumana! 💖 I resonate with the feeling of awe when one travels to a holy and sacred place .. and gosh the places you speak of here and describe are just breathtaking! I would love to walk with you and travel some time 😊

  4. You have given me a new way to see people who cross the southern U.S. border illegally from Mexico: their feet have become their hearts. Ah…

  5. Crossing a border “your feet become your heart”. Exactly! What a wonderful description of that perilous passage. I most love one’s heart becoming the Ganga. Sacred waters. And that last walk, at the end, out of one’s body.

  6. Their feet becoming their heart, this is such a sad phrase in the light of the immigrant’s plight
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  7. Interesting links. The last one is particularly incredible.I suppose you have been there…would make a good poem. India is full of wonder.

  8. Hi Sumana. Great prompt today, thank you!

    I loved the inspired spiritual nature of your poem here. Well written!

    BTW – I tried to leave a comment for you on the Poets United site, but every time I hit the post button, my comment just disappeared?

    • To respond to your question Sumans… Yes, I am WordPress as well. The really confusing thing is not all Blogger/Google sites act the same. Some will let me comment some even somehow recognize me when I click into the comment box snd activate the cursor – even before I start to type. Others ALWAYS disappear my comments. I am sure those poets probably think I never visit them — but I try. It sucks not to be able to comment after you have read the poet’s work. SOOOOOOOO frustrating!

      • I just feel frustrated Sumana, not knowing if the other poet’s know their work is being acknowledged. I check my spam everyday, and I find a comment in there from time to time. The cyberworld is not always predictable. Thank you for chatting with me about this. Keep up your good and helpful work! 🙂

  9. Honestly, Varanasi ghars are for someone who has an eye for detail and the heart to take in the magnificence of the Ganga. Life here begins with the Ganga and dissolves in her. Beautifully penned, Sumana…

Thank You :)

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