Bring Them back


When high-rises loom

like apparitions

house sparrows become

shadows and dream-



my ears thirst for their chirps

eyes for a glimpse

of this passerine bird-



twigs and straw are my words-

this poem an empty nest-



is this how the sparrows end-


[Factors leading to the decline of house sparrows are; rapidly changing cities that are inhabitable for the bird species, modern infrastructure that does not account for space for the sparrow to nest, and the sharp rise in pollution levels, caused by microwave towers and pesticides. In my hometown, Balurghat, West Bengal a house sparrow is a rarity. I can’t remember when I last saw one]



Posted for earthweal weekly challenge: Ghosts


10 thoughts on “Bring Them back

  1. How very sad, Sumana, when a bird once often seen gone. One can only hope that they have found another and more hospitable habitat away from all of the infrastructure humans have brought about and are not wiped out completely from this world.

  2. This reader couldn’t help think of the disappearance of home with these house sparrows — replaced by high rises and infrastructure. Homing on an absent sound is so much like channeling ghosts. And the sparrows erased that part f home we can’ get back. Sad but wonderful response to the challenge. – Brendan

  3. Oh! Yes, we are losing our common sparrow. Haven’t seen any here in Delhi too. Sometime back had seen a post on FB that a person(cannot recall his name) builds nests for the sparrow and keeps them near homes etc.. and the sparrows do make it their home!!

  4. I love that you use the word passerine. The lowly sparrow has been much maligned and under-appreciated. Like all things, we don’t know what we’ve got til it’s gone. My grandma used to sweep their nests off her front porch, but they always came back. Will the tenacious little songbird soon be but a dream?

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