Self Portrait


A fighter I am

wanting to be a smile;

yet I wish not to root out

the wild growth of weedy misery.

They are my prized blowballs*

giving me healing touches

as I try to live and grow with them.

I shall smile.



*Dandelions, a medicinal herb and a food crop.



Posted for Lillian’s hosting dVerse Poets Pub – today’s Quadrille, a self portrait



26 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. First, I love the word blow all to describe the dandelion at this stage of its life! Hmmmm and that is interesting to think of that in terms of where it fits in our stage(s) of life!
    Love your photo here – you are a smile, I am certain. And I love the idea that we accept our wild weedy misery parts too.
    This is a wonderful self portrait in words. So very nice to meet you up close here!

  2. Sumana, I love this. Letting the smile and the weedy misery live together and bloom is a wonderful oxymoron. You are a lovely, strong woman and I’m glad to have gotten to know you and your story

  3. A fighter I am

    wanting to be a smile;
    I shall smile.


    My favorite lines. Wow, you look like a real fighter in your winter coat. Love it.

  4. “the wild growth of weedy misery” A much more expressive way of saying what I refer to as “the crap life has thrown my way.” I guess I need to think more poetically. You have done so, and have succeeded in providing a well-crafted gem!

  5. you will smile again one day
    but not in that snow
    get out of there

    bury your face in fresh herbs
    place a wet banana leaf
    on your brow
    eat a softy juicy mango
    no shoes
    bare feet on warm earth

    our winter
    has been the coldest ever
    this year
    you are strong
    i know because you
    are not wearing a hat
    in that snow:)
    good pic

  6. Love this picture of you in the snow! I know you are the smile in spite of the weedy misery. We did the same thing when I was a kid, blowing the ball of fluff left after the dandelion has bloomed. I love the dandelion – a low flower, close to the earth and like little suns and then….they become snow!

  7. Oh this made me smile, Sumana…holding on to those little fluff balls of misery just enough to remind us where we came from, how we got where we are. Then we can simply blow them away when we wish..spread a little wisdom. Smile when you’re ready to. At least this is my interpretation. I very much enjoyed your poem and photo. Nice to meet you! 🙂

  8. Oh, Sumana….I love seeing this picture of smiling you in the snow. You wouldn’t smile so brightly if you had to contend with it as we do every winter. Ha Ha. I think we all want to be ‘smiles,’ don’t we? We all want the world to see that side of us, but unfortunately there are those bits of misery that find their way to pop through despite all we do to keep them hidden away!

Thank You :)

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