The little potted plant

Smiles with its


The street dog

Wags its tail

Seeing a familiar face


The humans



A simple word



And don’t ever regret


Posted for my Midweek Motif ~ Appreciation @ Poets United


15 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Hmmm. Had we blooms or a tail, it might be easier to give back ro nature all of the ways it tries to delight us. Smiles are good, yes? I never regret them.

  2. What a clever take, Sumana. There is definitely so much that a person could regret if one thought about it. Humans can learn so much from a little potted plant!

  3. Beautiful…..This idea falls into the ‘take time to smell the blooms’ tradition. Gratitude stems from appreciation and is essentially an attitude of thankfulness towards the little things of life.

    My internet is extremely slow and erratic since morning, maybe…there’s a fault in our area, Don’t know how to read the other poems today…:(

  4. Beautiful. So many things have been said here about human nature. It reminded me of Rabindranath’s words, প্রাচীরের গায়ে এক নামগোত্রহীন / ফুটিয়াছে ছোটফুল, অতিশয় দীন / ধিক, ধিক, করে তারে কাননে সবাই / সূর্য উঠি বলে তারে, “ভাল আছ ভাই?”
    Appreciation is all about finding the good traits in others. We all have shades in our characters, dark and darker., but how we see and appreciate the lighter shades in others, determines our attitude and character… 🙂

Thank You :)

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